Join us for the annual Tiki Fever on September 30th - October 2nd. Resort guests will receive up to two wristbands at a discounted rate. Stay tuned for more details, our Fever Doctors are working to create the best remedies yet!

Tiki Fever Facebook Page for more details 


Tiki Fever is the Bahi Hut's answer to connecting the Tiki community. Join us for a room crawl, music and dancing, exotic Tiki merchandise, and of course cure to the Tiki Fever. 


Tiki Fever debuted in 2019. With the pandemic, 2020 was canceled. Now the Tiki Fever is returning. Enjoy the carefully renovated GH Resort pool side, new food trucks, and a mix of the same and new bands! 2021 will be the 2nd Tiki Fever. 

Hotel Accommodations: 

We're working with 2 Hotels for our Fever guests that the GH Resort was not able to accommodate. You'll be provided shuttle back and forth from the GH Resort (Fever location). If you're booking elsewhere feel free to message us on FB TF page with questions. See links below:

----Holiday Inn (CLICK HERE)----


There will be no on-site parking (except hotel room guests - 1 vehicle per room). The above hotels have agreed to provide a shuttle for their guests. Parking will be with permit only and strictly regulated.